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Lightweight Containers

Lightweight Containers BV is the company behind the KeyKeg® and UniKeg® brands. Our unique lightweight kegs combine groundbreaking R&D and advanced production methods with a clear idea of what our customers want. The result is two complete families of one-way kegs that stand out in the market due to their innovation, quality, convenience, safety and sustainability.


Lightweight Containers is striving for a circular economy and has enshrined this in its corporate objectives. KeyKeg and UniKegs are sustainable alternatives to other types of packaging and Lightweight Containers is working hard to make this distinction even greater.

One-way kegs

As an innovative family firm, Lightweight Containers BV has a keen eye for the environment in which we and our customers live. We guarantee the best possible protection for the beverages in our lightweight PET kegs. Our kegs offer customers unique opportunities to achieve higher sales and conquer new markets. Everyone in the chain benefits from our kegs, from producers and distributors to hospitality outlets and consumers.

Producers and distributors of beer, wine, cider and soft drinks enthusiastically make the switch to our barrels, which are now being used worldwide. Our ambition for the coming years is to continue growing on every continent.


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UniKeg® is a product of Lightweight Containers

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