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Which home dispense options do you recommend?

Here is a list of recommended home dispense options:

Party Pump
MicroMatic iPump

How can I connect a UniKeg to a Lindr dispense unit?

Follow the instructions as shown in this video:

When dispensing, only foam comes out of the tap – what should I do?

You can follow the same procedure you would follow when working with conventional steel kegs. (Foaming document needs to be created)

Is a UniKeg moisture-proof?

Yes it is. Be careful with alcohol and acids, because they might damage the PET.

How should I clean my dispensing lines as a UniKeg user?

You can clean the lines with conventional equipment.

Do the UniKegs fit my standard tapping equipment?

Yes they do. The UniKeg is outfitted with either an American Sankey D valve or a Euro Sankey S.

Can the UniKeg be reconnected after disconnecting, for example, when cleaning the beverage lines?

Yes it can. UniKeg is designed to be reconnected multiple times.

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