One-way keg, disposable keg - UniKeg

Storage and transportation

How many empty UniKegs fit on one pallet?

UniKeg 20L: 80 per pallet (pallet type BLOCK: 48" x 40", 120 x 100 cm)
UniKeg 30L: 48 per pallet (pallet type BLOCK: 48" x 40", 120 x 100 cm)

How many filled UniKegs fit on one pallet?

UniKeg 20L: 60 UniKegs (3 layers of 20 kegs)
UniKeg 30L: 36 UniKegs (3 layers of 12 kegs)

Can the UniKegs be used in warm areas?

Yes, they can thanks to the Double-Wall™ technology. However, we recommend monitoring the UniKegs throughout the supply chain. Optimal conditions will increase the shelf life of the product inside the keg. For the best quality preservation in a one-way keg, we recommend our KeyKeg.
If you need more information about storage, please contact  us.

At what temperature range can a UniKeg be used?

UniKegs can be used within the correct temperature guidelines (0-40 °C, 32-104 °F). When this temperature range is exceeded, the product in the UniKegs can be affected in a negative way, as would happen in any other packaging format as well. It is important to ship, store and dispense UniKegs in controlled conditions.

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Manufactured for and in the USA

UniKeg® has been specially developed for the American market and is also manufactured in the United States. The UniKeg® production line is in Joliet, Illinois and the office of Lightweight Containers Inc. is located in Chicago.

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