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When filled

What comes into contact with my beverage?

The product will come into contact with the dispensing gas and the PET inner shell and valve system of the Unikeg. All materials used in Unikeg production are Food Grade.

How long do beverages stay fresh in a UniKeg?

This depends on what type of product is being filled into the keg and the filling and storage conditions. On average, beverages in UniKeg should stay fresh for 9 months

How can UniKegs help us increase our revenue?

UniKeg enables our customers to explore new markets without the hassle of tracking down empty kegs. No more cleaning, lost kegs, deposits or return shipping. UniKeg is truly a "sell it and forget it" solution. If you want to know what UniKeg can offer you, please contact us.

Will UniKeg affect the flavor of my products?

No. PET is the ideal solution for your beverages and is trusted by many breweries to preserve 100% of product flavor. PET is totally inert, and will not influence or taint your products in any way.

How does the keg protect the quality of my products?

Even without the revolutionary inner bag which can be found in a KeyKeg, the UniKeg offers robust protection against O2 uptake by using both active and passive barriers. The amber tint we use in the PET reduces the negative influence of UV and visible light to an absolute minimum, and the oxygen scavenger stops O2 before it can make contact with the beverage inside.

Does the keg have UV protection?

Yes, the amber color blending of the inner container protects the beverage against UV light.

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